Ashley Morgan


Ashley Morgan is a highly accomplished and versatile cosmetologist with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. True passion for this craft is evident through her attention to detail and creative approach to beauty.

She began her journey in many salons, where she pursued her calling with a singular focus in hair care. Since then, she has become one of Chicago's most sought-after beauty professionals, holding licenses in cosmetology, esthetician, barbering, and education.

From a young age, Ashley displayed a talent for haircare and skincare, demonstrating a remarkable degree of patience and simplicity in her work. Over the years, she has honed these skills in theory, practical application, and business management by developing talent and managing teams in numerous salons and schools throughout the Chicago land area.

In 2018, Ashley founded Salubrious Hair Care Clinic in the Chicago neighborhood of Beverly, she continues to thrive in as a creative cosmetologist. Her commitment to excellence has earned her a reputation as one of the city's leading beauty professionals, and she remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of her field through ongoing education and training. Outside of her work, Ashley enjoys spending time with her toddler, cooking delicious meals, practicing yoga, and reading a wide range of books in every genre.

Ashley's Credentials

  • Natural Hair Care Specialist
  • Certified No Braid Extensions (customized clip ins)
  • Hair Loss Specialist
  • Micro stitch
  • Total Transformation
  • The Web Weave
  • Eyelash Extensions Specialist
  • Deaistology
  • PCA Chemical Peel
  • Sorella Apothecary Skin Care
  • Goldwell & Topchi
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Deva Certified
  • Board Certified Trichologist

Business Certifications 

  • Sunshine Enterprise 12 Week Business Course year
  • Women Business Development Center 12 Week Business course
  • Sunshine Business Acceleration Program 1 year


  1. Cosmetology license in Illinois, Georgia, California, New York & North Carolina
  2. Esthetician license in Illinois & California
  3. Barber license in Illinois
  4. Teacher in Cosmetology, Nail, Esthetician, Barbering license in Illinois
  5. Continue Education Sponsor for Cosmetology, Esthetician, Hair Braiding, Barber, and Nail Technology in Illinois


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